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Product + Service Strategy

We help you design end to end

product + service experiences that meet customers’ genuine needs at every touchpoint.


Company + Brand Strategy

We work with you to translate the leadership teams' desires to create the future. 

Together, we unify the suite of offerings and identify key partnerships to help you get there.



Strategy Audit

If you need to: 

Dig deeper into who your customer is, how you connect with them personally, and how it matches up to your offerings and current marketing strategy around those offerings. We identify a plan to bridge any gaps.




If you need to:

Create new markets, capture non-customers, and expand paths to revenue streams.

We guide your team through a series of workshops to drive revenue growth.




If you need to:

Identify short and long term projects, and mobilize your team to execute on driving revenue growth.

 The end goal here is to fire ourselves and equip your team with the tools they need to build an iterative cycle of innovation into your company.

Here's How

There are people waiting to work with you, they just need to be told what it is, why they can't live without it, where they can reach you, when the timing is right, and how they'll experience what you offer.


Mike Gonzalez,Perfect HQ

There are people waiting to work with you,they just need to be told what it is, why they can't live without it, where they can reach you, when the timing is right, and how they'll experience what you offer.

About Lauren

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Lauren Shippy

Lauren has a background in building, evaluating and consulting with startups across multiple sectors. She co-leads a family investment office and provides strategy to companies of all sizes through StoryWork.

She now collaborates with leaders in every area of strategy to design impactful business models and experiences. Lauren has a passion for identifying the underlying dynamics of people, products and experiences, and leveraging value chains to create new markets for companies. She is a wife, mom of 2, MBA, and a lover of team whiteboard sessions.

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Melissa Perry,

The Cradle Coach

Working with Lauren completely changed my business and has taken it to another level! She gave me the framework I needed to grow our company and guided me with a step by step action plan to execute my vision. The process was incredibly well-planned and targeted to our needs. Whether you are savvy or a novice entrepreneur, working with Lauren is invaluable. I am so grateful for her knowledge and insight.


Mike Gonzalez,

Perfect HQ

As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to spend most of your time working in your business rather than on your business. The Storywork process is fun and very insightful. Each working session I gained clarity and was able to put the perspectives I learned into practice - immediately. Lauren’s guidance and ability to ask the right questions, and dig beneath the years of data we had, gave me the accountability I needed to incorporate our “why” into every layer of the brand. 


Kendra Brill,


Lauren genuinely considers who you are, and makes incredibly intuitive recommendations for small changes that yield big results. 
StoryWork enabled incredible growth for me, which has had more impact than I can express.

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