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mike gonzalez

Strategy Game Mastermind

A monthly mastermind workshop to help you scale your business, identify new revenue streams, and thrive in today's market. 

  • Stabilize recurring income to grow. 

  • Strategize new streams of revenue to scale.

  • Gain feedback & external perspective from peers

Lauren shippy

Now more than ever it is important to get clear on what we need to do to thrive in today’s market conditions. For some of us, we’ve pivoted our business to operate remotely. Others have had to temporarily shut their doors. In both situations you want things to get back to normal. 


The reality is that you know you have to change how you do business. You may not like the new normal but you know you need to do what’s necessary to save your business. To thrive in today's market, the key is to position your business, products and services to be "essential". 


To help, we’re launching a private mastermind community to help you workshop through the necessary changes and innovations so that you can continue to scale your business to thrive in this new normal.

How do I grow and scale my existing business?
(In today's market conditions)
How do I position my products and services to be essential?
How do I find new streams of income to replace the old streams that dried up?
What are the market trends, methods, and frameworks that I need to know right now?

What Do You get with the Mastermind?

What people are saying about Lauren & Mike’s Strategic Guidance:


“Mike is one of the few people who listens deeply and is typically capable of providing multiple solutions to problems. A true servant leader.”

Phil Lashley,


Lauren Shippy offers us the inspiration and information we need to take an idea from concept to completion. No matter the stage of your business or organization, this mastermind provides applicable tools to create new things, overcome challenges, and drive profitability. 

Melissa Pierce, Epic Beauty


“Working with Mike Gonzalez has been both professionally and personally enriching. Many times I have sought his council and have been met with empathetic, practical, knowledgeable and trustworthy guidance. Not only does he have the insight and experience necessary to lead, but he also serves those he is leading and empowers those around him to meet their goals.”

Chelsey, UI/UX Designer

The Cradle Coach-0263.jpeg

"Working with Lauren completely changed my business and has taken it to another level! She gave me the framework I needed to grow our company and guided me with a step by step action plan to execute my vision. The process was incredibly well-planned and targeted to our needs. Whether you are savvy or a novice entrepreneur, working with Lauren is invaluable. I am so grateful for her knowledge and insight"

Melissa Perry,


"I would highly recommend anyone to take the opportunity to work with Mike Gonzalez, as you will learn much and it will surely make you a better person in the end…his casual yet incredibly productive and efficient work style is quite contagious and I've noticed myself taking a cue from Mike, making my own line of work much more pleasant in the process. ” 


After following Lauren's steps and completing these mental exercises, I was enabled to look what I had written, and then take action. I made small but important improvements to my routine, and I gained new ideas to successfully draw in new business. Now with knowledge, I am more confident in how to grow my business quicker, to make myself a more well-rounded entrepreneur, to add value to my clients, and to exceed my expectations as a business owner.

Joshua Sedgewick, Photometric Drafting

  • Monthly 90-minute coaching session with Lauren Shippy & Mike Gonzalez among peers.
  • Access to a private slack community with leaders of owner-operated businesses.
  • Unlimited Access to Replays of each mastermind sessions.
  • Exclusive access to private coaching with Lauren Shippy and Mike Gonzalez at discounted member’s only rates.

What’s My Investment? 

Grow revenue & scale your business. 
(In today's market conditions)
Re-position your products & services to be essential.
Find new streams of income to replace the old streams that dried up.
Discuss market trends, methods, and frameworks pivotal to your goals.
Monthly Payments
$297 / month
Upfront Payment 
$2,988 / year
(save $576)
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