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Goal Setting 2021 Non-Profit Webinar Replay

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Step 2. Watch the Goal Setting Workshop

Step 3. Complete your 2021 Plan

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Your Invitation to Join Us for

The Strategy Game Mastermind for Non-Profits in January 2021

A monthly mastermind to help you scale your non-profit, identify new fundraising streams, and amplify your impact. 


  • Grow recurring funding to maximize impact. ​​

  • Solidify marketing strategy to effectively share your story.​

  • Gain feedback & external perspective from peers.

How do I grow and scale my donor base authentically?
(In today's conditions)
How do I position our non-profit to be essential?
How do I find new streams of income to replace the old streams that dried up?
What are the trends, methods, and frameworks that I need to know right now?
How do I solidify a marketing strategy that moves the needle and doesn't waste time?