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We help companies build their marketing strategy, target the right audience with an effective message, and drive revenue.

Define Your Message - Build Your Strategy - Analyze Results 

Marketing Strategy Plans

Content Scheduling + Execution

Search Engine Optimization

It Starts With Strategy.

The market is crowded with a sea of competitors. You've got to figure out how to consistently rise above the noise, create new markets and capture non-customers.

Our team of experts works with you to provide a marketing strategy, messaging, and content for your business or non-profit. Then we use search engine optimization to drive the right people to you.

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Who We Are

Let's Drive Traffic To You, So You Can Share Your Brand Authentically.

Build models that aren’t dependent upon competing,

but capturing new markets.


Reach people where, how + when they want to be reached through our intentional marketing plans.


Create unique experiences that people don’t want to go without.

What We Do


The Marketing Engine.

the marketing engine

Here's How

There are people waiting to work with you, they just need to be told what it is, why they can't live without it, where they can reach you, when the timing is right, and how they'll experience what you offer.


1. Schedule a Call

Marketing Audit

We'll have a working session with you to ask all of the questions we need to run an audit of your existing marketing, and put together a new, intentional marketing plan for you.

sprint series

2. Get Your Marketing Plan


We'll review the marketing plan with you, making sure that it reaches all of your key audiences, and that there aren't any "gaps" in your process.

unpack your strategy

3. Execute the Plan


We can run your marketing engine for you, including social media posts, email campaigns, and any form of print or digital ads.

People During Workshop

Who Is This For?

(It's for you.)


Start Ups



Medium Size Businesses





Retail Businesses

If you need marketing that converts, you need The Marketing Engine.

Have a question? Shoot us a message

Why StoryWork

Why StoryWork?

We Make Strategy Approachable For ALL Companies 

We Focus On The WHO First + Develop All Else From It

We have the experts you need to strategize, execute, and analyze.

Our Team

Lauren shippy

Lauren Shippy

Lauren has a background in building, evaluating and consulting with startups across multiple sectors. She co-leads a family investment office and provides strategy to companies of all sizes through StoryWork. She has been a part of building a private equity real estate firm, and served as the COO for multiple startups.

She now collaborates with leaders in every area of strategy to design impactful business models and experiences. Lauren has a passion for identifying the underlying dynamics of people, products and experiences, and leveraging value chains to create new markets for companies. She is a wife, mom of 2, MBA, and a lover of team whiteboard sessions.

Jean Roberts

Jean Boen Roberts leads J. Roberts Consulting, LLC where she specializes in working with clients to refine their messaging in order to effectively reach their target audience to drive revenue and increase retention.  Her marketing and communication skills have developed over years of experience working with clients in a variety of industries. She has been responsible for creating strategic communication plans for a wide spectrum of audiences, utilizing platforms best suited to drive results.

Roberts is an Athena Young Professional award winner and holds a B.A. in Family and Consumer Sciences from Bluffton University. She and her husband live in Wooster, Ohio with their two daughters.

Rachel Addington

Rachel Addington leads The Marketing Engine, where she is committed to providing an in-house marketing experience with outsourced insight. Rachel excels at building the essential systems and structures businesses need to capture and retain their desired audiences and meet their long-term goals.

From chic hotels and restaurants to socially conscious nonprofits and elite colleges, Rachel has been elevating brands and implementing successful strategies for companies and clients for over a decade.

An Ohio native, she currently lives with her husband and son in the City of Fountains, Kansas City, Missouri.

About Us

Download Our Free Guide

Looking for help mapping out your content plan? Consistent communication with your audience is key. Our content guide (in the form of a calendar) is a quick easy way for you and your team to get started!

Colleagues Working Together

Why We're Different

Companies often rely on marketing firms to generate messaging without deeply understanding who they are.


Others look to Search Engine Optimization as a quick fix without understanding the foundational need of strategy and messaging.

The strategy work that we do is the precursor to any marketing,

branding, and channel development.

We help companies understand not only who they serve, but the most effective channels, partnerships and ecosystems that they are a part of. This builds new paths to revenue.

Next, we will take our foundational strategy work and translate that

into concrete action plans related to content development and search engine optimization. That’s why we’re here – to help you define your audience, partnerships, channels, and strategy...and then we execute it FOR you!

Why We're Different
What They Say
The Cradle Coach
Working with Lauren completely changed my business and has taken it to another level! She gave me the framework I needed to grow our company and guided me with a step by step action plan to execute my vision. The process was incredibly well-planned and targeted to our needs. Whether you are savvy or a novice entrepreneur, working with Lauren is invaluable. I am so grateful for her knowledge and insight.
After our initial conversations, Jean immediately identified areas of improvement and worked with the leadership of our organization to develop both short and long term strategies. Our organization had always done well with fundraising, however, we saw the need to improve. From day one, Jean was able to work with our team to develop a plan. In the first year we worked with J Roberts Consulting, Jean was able to, among several other things, organize our donor database, develop and successfully implement a comprehensive corporate and individual giving strategy, create a structured stewardship program, and improve the marketing of the club. Any expectation our board had for Jean was met and exceeded.

What They Say

The Investment

How Much Does This Cost?

How much is a lack of clarity on the your marketing plan costing you? How many potential customers are out there waiting to be captured but can't because there isn't a way for them to find you? How many people are passing up on your offerings because they haven't been clarified or don't meet their deepest needs? There is a cost associated with each of these factors, and there isn't time to wait.
New revenue streams and solutions to problems are waiting, let's figure it out together. 

Through The Marketing Engine, You Will:


eliminate holes

Fill in all of the missing pieces of your strategy, bridge any gaps that exist with your offerings, how you offer it, where you sell it, who you sell it to, and how the ecosystem around you can help you move to the next level.


build in innovation

Build an innovation machine within your team, so you can continously ask the right questions, together, to keep up with the ever changing landscape.


reach new heights

Grow your business and have a map and a team of people to do it.

We all need clarity.
Once you know your strategy, your company will grow.
Companies that understand their strategy from a people-loving lens win. Schedule your call and let’s get started on building your marketing plan. Why? Because there are people waiting to work with you, they just need to be told what it is, why they can’t live without it, where they can reach you, when the timing is right, and how they’ll experience what you offer.
We Love Sharing What We Learn.
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