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The StoryWork process helped me connect the dots, gave me more tools to be disciplined and helped me be mindful of my daily thoughts and triggers.

I was able to get to the core of my identity, individually and as a family, which helped me identify challenges and provided the tools to work on overcoming those hurdles.

Don't miss an opportunity to experience this.

We saved thousands of dollars a year from going through our projections, reviewing all of our expenses and cutting out events that weren't producing the results we needed, we are paying down our debt and on the road to profitability as a start up in our second year!
Through this process I was able to untangle fears and hurdles, and set them in front of me to take natural next steps. Lauren genuinely considers who you are, and makes incredibly intuitive recommendations for small changes that yield big results.
She never made me feel uncomfortable -- but instead enabled incredible growth for me, which has had more impact than I can express.

I am finally approaching my life and venture productively and feel more clear and at peace than I have in a long time.
My life is more organized, I'm spending time doing more of the things that are important to me, I'm making progress on long term goals, and overall I feel like I'm being a better version of me. 
The direction StoryWork provided helped me structure my priorities, work on focusing on the tasks at hand, and motivated me to take the risk in hiring help, allowing my business to grow.
The StoryWork process helped me become stronger and more efficient. 

I felt that I could be more and do more but there was no time to do it; I felt too disconnected to know how to better myself.
StoryWork was able to facilitate a way to make me realize my strengths and needs and help me to execute a plan to implement them. 


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