Strategy Game Mastermind

A monthly mastermind to help you scale your non-profit, identify new fundraising streams, and amplify your impact. 

  • Grow recurring funding to maximize impact. 

  • Solidify marketing strategy to effectively share your story.

  • Gain feedback & external perspective from peers.

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Now more than ever it is important to get clear on what we need to do to continue to thrive in today’s conditions as a non-profit. The stakes are high, as we share the goal of continuing to serve those that need it the most. Marketing, funding, operational efficiency, and an ever growing list of new initiatives can at times seem overwhelming. 


To help, we’re launching a private mastermind community to help you workshop through the necessary changes and innovations so that you can continue to strengthen your non-profit and maximize your impact.

How do I grow and scale my donor base authentically?
(In today's conditions)
How do I position our non-profit to be essential?
How do I find new streams of income to replace the old streams that dried up?
What are the trends, methods, and frameworks that I need to know right now?
How do I solidify a marketing strategy that moves the needle and doesn't waste time?

Launching April 15th, 2021

What Do You get with the Mastermind?

What people are saying about Lauren & Jean's Strategic Guidance:


"In the first year we worked with Jean, we were able to, among several other things, organize our donor database, develop and successfully implement a comprehensive corporate and individual giving strategy, create a structured stewardship program, and improve the marketing of the club.  Any expectation our board had for Jean was met and exceeded.  


Since March, all of our worlds have been turned upside down and our well thought out plans had to be either significantly altered or canceled.  Because of our relationship with Jean, she helped coordinate an online live event that proved to be extremely successful. Her ability to pivot and come up with essentially a whole new plan is the mark of someone who is truly talented. The Boys & Girls Club of Wooster has definitely benefited from what Jean has to offer and we look forward to continuing to work with her."

Scott Rotolo, Board President

The Boys & Girls Club of Wooster


"Lauren Shippy offers us the inspiration and information we need to take an idea from concept to completion. No matter the stage of your business or organization, this mastermind provides applicable tools to create new things, overcome challenges, and drive profitability."

Melissa Pierce, Epic Beauty

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"Working with Lauren completely changed my business and has taken it to another level! She gave me the framework I needed to grow our company and guided me with a step by step action plan to execute my vision. The process was incredibly well-planned and targeted to our needs. Whether you are savvy or a novice entrepreneur, working with Lauren is invaluable. I am so grateful for her knowledge and insight."

Melissa Perry,


"Jean expertly walked us through how to use LinkedIn to position ourselves and/or our clients as experts. The session was fun and interactive. Jean was very responsive and thoughtful to many, many questions from the audience. Since the session, I have utilized much of Jean's practical advice -- really great advice. I wouldn't miss an opportunity to learn from and work with Jean in the future!" 

Jaya Yoo, Vice President, Global Product Management at Learning A-Z

  • Monthly 90-minute coaching session with Lauren Shippy & Jean Boen among peers.
  • Access to a private slack community with leaders of non-profits.
  • Replays, monthly recaps, and check ins throughout the month that promotes regular progress.
  • Monthly tools and challenges shared that will create grow and maximize efficiency.

About Jean + Lauren

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Lauren Shippy


Jean Roberts

Lauren has a background in building, evaluating and consulting with startups across multiple sectors. She co-leads a family investment office and provides strategy to companies of all sizes through StoryWork.

She now collaborates with leaders in every area of strategy to design impactful business models and experiences. Lauren has a passion for identifying the underlying dynamics of people, products and experiences, and leveraging value chains to create new markets for companies. She is a wife, mom of 2, MBA, and a lover of team whiteboard sessions.

Jean Boen Roberts leads J. Roberts Consulting, LLC and is currently the Director of Annual Giving at The College of Wooster, where she oversees a team responsible for raising over $3 million in gifts annually. She specializes in working with small businesses and nonprofits to refine their messaging in order to effectively reach their target audience to drive revenue and increase retention.  
Her marketing and communication skills have developed over years of experience working with clients in a variety of industries including retail, manufacturing, healthcare, education, non-profit, salons, and construction. She has been responsible for creating strategic communication plans for a wide spectrum of audiences, utilizing platforms best suited to drive results.
Roberts holds a B.A. in Family and Consumer Sciences from Bluffton University. She and her husband Jarad live in Wooster, Ohio with their two daughters, Jocelyn and Josie.

What’s My Investment? 

Monthly Payments
$225 / month
Upfront Payment 
$1,350 / 6 months

Launching April 15th, 2021