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Have Uncommon Thoughts

Have uncommon thoughts - you can't do uncommon, unique things without embracing uncommon thoughts. When we were kids, we all had more unfiltered free thoughts, but as time passes, certain people, things and situations can crush our spirit.

The key is to be consciously aware of the things that have crushed our spirit in the past, and work through them so that we can move forward, striving for greater freedom in our thoughts.

How to beat spirit crushing..

  1. List out the things that have crushed your spirit throughout your life by phase.

  2. Write down how and why they dampened you.

  3. Connect the thought patterns that those events created with your mindset today and write down how those thoughts impact you in your work, family, and other communities.

  4. Talk through these events with a mentor and create a new baseline level of thoughts for yourself about what you believe to be true.

  5. Start thinking uncommon thoughts, write down ideas for things you've always wanted to do and break those ideas down into small steps, starting with one foot in front of the other, movement over perfection.

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