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Define Your Why First.

Most people don’t think hard enough about their “why” because it can be a deep and often uncomfortable exercise. But starting without a “why” is akin to taking a road trip without a ballpark destination in mind. While it can be exciting and adventurous at the outset, it can quickly devolve into aimless and painful wandering — especially if each founder has a different destination in mind.

Starting with your "why" can ensure a solid foundation, driving your strategy and giving you a roadmap to follow for your business. The Leanstack 3x3x3 framework is an excellent tool to go through the exercise of aligning your product or service development with your strategy (how) and vision (why).

Breaking it down into 3 weeks, (product/service development planning), 3 months (strategy of how you're going to break into the market or continue to grow), and 3 years (your "why" behind what you do, your brand story) is a way to create a solid baseline plan for your business.

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