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How to Beat Procrastination.

Procrastination is the one thing that gets us all at one point or another, so how do we really kick it? SUCCESS magazine recently had a solid write up on 4 ways to overcome procrastination:

  1. Rise Early - the importance of establishing a morning routine cannot be overstated - this is part of the key to the success of a majority of the world’s leaders, start your day with clarity

  2. Create Momentum - break tasks down into sub tasks so that they are manageable - this sets you up to be able to accomplish them and creates momentum

  3. Motivate Yourself - leave notes for yourself on your mirror, your computer, your car dash, or anywhere you’ll see them to bring your focus back to your priorities throughout the day

  4. Practice Production before Perfection - this is about showing up - even if you can’t achieve 100%, go for 51% - if you can’t get to the gym, go for a walk to lunch, if you can’t read a whole chapter of a book, read a page or two, or listen to a 5 minute podcast, cut things into shorter bites so they become more sustainable on a regular basis

The bottom line: There is no overnight cure for procrastination, but these habits can help you develop a lifestyle that encourages small, consistent steps toward big things.

For the original SUCCESS write up - click here.

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