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Humility: Be the Shattered Version of Yourself

What does it look like if your world falls apart? When you're squeezed, what comes out? What would happen if this is who you were all the time?

The “shattered” version of yourself takes away all pride, expectation and ideals and looks at things with a renewed perspective. It seems like a strange practice, but if you think back to moments where you fell flat on your face, you probably can think about how much you learned from that experience or how much you were able to take in feedback from others. When we can maintain a posture of humility, we are freed up to listen to feedback without offense. This enables us to collaborate with others in the healthiest form for a business, a non-profit, or a family.

How to work toward this posture:

  1. Write down a hardship/struggle that you’ve been through in the past.

  2. Write out how it changed you during this time.

  3. Write out characteristics that you maintained during this time.

  4. Keep the list somewhere where you can reference it often to keep this posture and incorporate it into your life.

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