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Need New Clients? Simply Know Them.

What does truly knowing your client look like? When we, as people, feel seen and heard, it is our natural instinct to repond. Here are 3 ways you can re-discover or uncover existing “non-customers”:

  • Walk a day in the life of your client’s shoes. What do they eat for breakfast? Where do they go? What time do they wake up? What does their family look like? Mapping out this process allows you to enter into their lives, walk a mile in their shoes, and design a business that meets them exactly where they are.

  • Journal about your potential and existing clients. How many different types of clients do you have? Who are they? What phase of life are they in? What is their average age and living situation? Journal through these questions and identify the different types of clients that might come to you. Often we may think we have just one, but when we start the brainstorming — there are “non-customers” that we’re leaving on the table because we haven’t thought of them and come up with ways to reach them.

  • Be open to partnerships outside of traditional marketing. When you walk a day in the life of your clients, you can then determine all of the places they go and things they do. This provides an opportunity to brainstorm a list of potential partnerships that you may form with local groups, businesses or events that presents a win-win situation, leading to clients’ discovering you in a non-traditional marketing channel.

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