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Spirit Crushing

When you start to move forward in any direction with purpose, you WILL encounter spirit crushing. What’s spirit crushing?

Spirit crushers are the ones who tell you why you can’t do what you dream of doing. That you can’t possibly succeed. That you should try learning to type when what you really want to learn is neuroscience.

So you have to be prepared for it, and learn to overcome it. But there’s an important balance to note - feedback is important, and from those who you trust and are close to you, it’s worth pausing and reflecting on it.

This is all new territory, and you’re in a process of growing and changing, and that upsets all kinds of apple carts.

Anticipate this, recognize it, pause and reflect, and be intentional about moving forward.

The spirit crushers are always out there, always ready to pounce on your aspirations, to tell you why you aren’t good enough.

But they’re kind of like the bogeyman.

They only have power if you believe in them.

So don’t believe in them.


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