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Focus IS strategy.

Making space for focused work IS strategy. ⠀ A lot of us struggle with making space because it’s just plain hard to sit down with no distractions. ⠀ Last week, we asked you what your greatest struggle is right now in your business, and some of you said that you just can’t seem to find the time to work “on” the business strategically, and I think that might be most of us! Making space for the focus work IS HARD, yet the MOST fruitful. ⠀ Focus work leads to: ⠀ 1. Hearing and understanding who you serve ⠀ 2. Knowing where they go and how to reach them ⠀ 3. What you need to add or takeaway from your offerings (and many other things). ⠀ That’s why Part I + II of The Strategy Masterclass focus solely on cultivating the lifestyle needed to remove anything that might stand in the way of you making space for focus (and strategy), because it's all connected!

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