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Green Eggs + Ham.

"In 1960, two men made a bet.⠀ There was only $50 on the line, but millions of people would feel the impact of this little wager.⠀ The first man, Bennett Cerf, was the founder of the publishing firm, Random House. ⠀ The second man was named Theo Geisel, but you probably know him as Dr. Seuss. ⠀ Cerf proposed the bet and challenged that Dr. Seuss would not be able to write an entertaining children’s book using only 50 different words.⠀ Dr. Seuss took the bet and won. The result was a little book called Green Eggs and Ham‼️Since publication, Green Eggs and Ham has sold more than 200 million copies, making it the most popular of Seuss’s works and one of the best-selling children’s books in history." - James Clear

(WHATTTT....incredible, and it all started with a bet).⠀ 👉🏼What are we talking about here? Using constraints to your advantage. Never let a lack of resources be an excuse not to start or an excuse not to scale. ⠀ You might be thinking, "I don't have enough money right now, or I don't have enough time, or I don't know enough people..." the list goes on and on. I'm here to tell you - it doesn't matter. ⠀ Look at what Dr. Suess did with 50 words = 200 million + copies. ⠀ So 1. Ship your work (as Seth Godin would say), and 2. View problems as opportunities.⠀ This mindset produces overcomers, and overcomers become GAMECHANGERS.⠀ For the full read from James Clear (and I would highly recommend subscribing to his email list) - visit

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