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How to Create Life-Giving Moments.

I had a parenting a-ha moment 💡 one day, as I looked my 5 year old in the eyes and told her that this year she is going to be an overcomer. She’s going to learn how to read, spell and ride her bike, things she already thinks she’s not capable of doing.⠀ I looked her in the eyes, and poured my soul out for her, and she received it. ⠀ She received it not because I said it perfectly, but because she knew that I was being intentional in that moment, and she could sense that I meant what I said and that I believed in her. ⠀ This might be seemingly unrelated to entrepreneurship, but there’s an important connection to be made here….we all have the opportunity to create “moments” for people. These are life giving moments that people don’t forget.⠀ We GET (mindset shift) to create intentionally crafted user experiences that deliver delight, through moments we create, verbiage on our packaging, personal touches on our website, or the added value we deliver that’s above and beyond the call of duty.⠀ These are the things that create game changers, not because the experience is necessarily perfect, but because it’s genuine and intentional. ⠀ What can you do today or what have you already done to create life giving moments through your product, service or whatever it is that you do? ⠀ Recommended read: The Power of Moments by Chip + Dan Heath⠀

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