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The Blue Ocean that Awaits.

“We all have dreams. Often the way to make them real is unclear, or we believe we lack the necessary resources. Blue ocean principles provide the guidance and roadmap for achieving our dreams and help us break the trade-off between value and cost.”

-Gavin Fraser talks about how Blue Ocean Strategy brought his dream to life-- with a viable strategic path forward. ⠀ This is the magic of Blue Ocean Strategy (we go through HOW to put this to work in The Strategy Masterclass)-- creating new markets and opportunities where others haven’t taken the time to reflect and build a game changing strategy. 🙌🏽 ⠀ This makes competitors irrelevant. ⠀ This is about building models that aren’t dependent upon competing, but capturing new markets. ⠀ Establishing business models that are less affected by market volatility. ⠀ Creating unique experiences that people don’t want to go without.⠀ The Blue Ocean Strategy framework provides an incredible mindset shift, along with tools to develop a strategy that will be the thing that catapults your business to new levels. 📈⠀ For more 👉🏼 check out

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