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The chicken or the egg?

The chicken or the egg causality dilemma is commonly stated as "which came first: the chicken or the egg?". 🐓 🥚 ⠀ The dilemma stems from the observation that all chickens hatch from eggs and all chicken eggs are laid by chickens. ⠀ "Chicken-and-egg" is a metaphoric adjective describing situations where it is not clear which of two events should be considered the cause and which should be considered the effect, to express a scenario of infinite regress, or to express the difficulty of sequencing actions where each seems to depend on others being done first. (Thanks Wikipedia)⠀ You know you need to grow, but you can’t even get to the surface long enough to take a breath, let alone think about being strategic. 🤦🏽‍♀️⠀ But by not making space to do the work that’re also squashing growth. It doesn’t have a chance - because there is no space for it. The mindset shift occurs when you transition from a practitioner in your craft, to an entrepreneur. And THIS is the key to growth. ⠀ Maybe you’ve already done this, but you still don’t know what kind of strategic work you need to be doing. 🙇🏼‍♂️⠀ The few hours (sometimes less) you’ll spend per week on this - has the potential to DOUBLE your revenue (One of our entrepreneurs, Josh, did this). ⠀ This is a call to stop the madness - stop the hamster wheel that you currently feel you’re on - take these small chunks of time each week to breath new life into you, so that you can march forward and CRUSH it. ⠀ You are an entrepreneur, and you will do more than survive or crank it out one more day, you’ll literally come alive by doing this work. You weren’t meant to stay where you are, you’re meant to reach new heights. ⠀

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