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The foundation of great things.

It seems there's nothing that hasn't been done, but what if Steve Jobs thought that and gave up before the creation of the iPhone? What if Thomas Edison thought that and threw in the towel before the lightbulb?

It's easy to get discouraged on the entrepreneurial journey and "coast" through, sit back and see what happens, but what if there's a new idea or lightbulb moment just around the corner for you? ⠀ Ideas are the foundation of great things. What if we all got into the habit of cultivating new ideas and sharing them? How would our families, communities, businesses, and cities look different? How you can practice cultivating ideas today:

  1. Do something different: switching up your normal routine brings fresh insights

  2. Have real conversation: when we sit and talk to people uninterrupted, we get to work through things together, sparking new ideas

  3. Journal: when we write stream of consciousness, we bring the subconscious to the conscious, and when that happens, we get a whole lot of clarity.⠀

Keep the ideas coming, don't stop creating.

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