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What matters most.

Make space for….STRATEGY. Strategy is about thinking differently. If you’re stuck in a rut, there’s no room to think differently. If you learn to think differently, you’ll change the game, not strive to out perform. ⠀ There’s a lot of talk about having the right social media strategy, producing enough content, keeping up with this crazy hamster wheel of expectations for businesses to exist in the digital world...but what if that’s not the priority?⠀ There might be other channels that are more effective-- like a word of mouth strategy (check out Jay Baer and Talk Triggers if you haven’t already)…or maybe laying out your ecosystem map of what your industry looks like and where strategically you enter in…or it might look like understanding your user personas better (WHO you serve and HOW) to know exactly how to serve them…THIS is why strategy needs to be first. ⠀ To make space for prioritizing, intentional movement, and less running on a hamster wheel. ⠀ Strategy allows you to know and do the work that matters most (and creates the greatest impact.) ⠀ So today, make space for STRATEGY.

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