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What technology can't ever replace.

Harvard Business Review declares that, "The Future of Human Work Is Imagination, Creativity, and Strategy"⠀ "Recently, the CEO of Deutsche Bank predicted that half of its 97,000 employees could be replaced by robots. One survey revealed that '39% of jobs in the legal sector could be automated in the next 10 years. Separate research has concluded that accountants have a 95% chance of losing their jobs to automation in the future.'”⠀ These are staggering stats, and scary for a lot of us. Technology (whether we like it or not) is something that will replace a lot of functionality in our workforce, but there are certain things that can't be replaced, that can't be done by machines.⠀ HBR goes on to say, "Work that requires a high degree of imagination, creative analysis, and strategic thinking is harder to automate." ⠀ We NEED your ideas, we need your creativity, and strategic thinking, and visions...these things can't be automated, they are what make us who we are. As an entrepreneur, you're creating something that can't be replaced by a machine. Now more than ever, the world needs more of it.

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