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3 Tips to Create Alignment.

This week, we're recapping our ALIGNMENT series. We've been thinking about what it takes to create order that drives growth in ourselves and our businesses, and realized that this is the pre-work that's necessary to build strong foundations, foundations that aren't shaken by things that may come - because they've been built on something that runs deeper than the surface level.⁠

Alignment Series Tip #1: Start with Why (Simon Sinek style)

Why are you doing what you're doing? What is your ultimate goal? What's the ultimate outcome you'd like to see? And how does it connect to your story (your identity) and who you've been created to be as a person, and then as an organization?

When there is clarity around these questions - the foundation for alignment begins to set.

Alignment Series Tip #2: Listen.

Listen to your team, listen to yourself, listen to your customers. What are they saying and not saying but thinking? What are you feeling or thinking but not recognizing? Bring the subconscious to the conscious, and make space to listen with everything you’ve got -

The more time you spend uncovering the underlying issues, the more you’ll design impactful solutions around root causes that move the needle in your organization.

Alignment Series Tip #3: Identify the Gaps.

Find the gaps between the things out of alignment and the vision and mission.

If you’re having trouble pinpointing what those things are - make a list of things that aren’t working or don’t seem quite right. Next to it - write your vision and mission - think about what the ultimate outcome is for you and how these things are connected to carrying out that vision and mission. What stands in the way? What needs to be shifted?

If you need this - reach out to us - we love helping leaders and teams achieve ultimate alignment that creates impact.


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