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3 Tips to Escape Sunday Scaries as an Entrepreneur

First you might be asking yourself, what on earth are Sunday scaries? They are that queasy feeling on Sunday evening that accompanies thinking about all the things you have do on Monday and throughout the week. You begin to dread Monday morning, and that dread ruins the rest of your weekend.

Now you might be thinking, I am a business owner— every day is Sunday scary for me! Regardless, here are a few tips to help you navigate these feelings.

  1. Change Your Mindset - Your thoughts directly affect your actions and behaviors. The way you talk to yourself matters. Introducing positive thoughts will make a difference. Start with a gratitude practice. Jot down things you are grateful for in your business — be specific with them.

  2. Create a Plan - Develop an end-of-week routine (whether on Sunday evening or another day). It's important to "shut-down" for the week and plan ahead for the week ahead. Review your goals, check your calendar, and comb through your to-do list. Try to add something in the week to look forward to. Maybe it's a lunch date with an old friend or simply 5 minutes to do a meditation. Regardless, put something on your calendar to look forward to that week.

  3. Educate Yourself - Take some time on Sunday to read a professional development book, listen to an industry-specific podcast, or research upcoming webinars and workshops in your area. This practice will help shift your brain from thinking about all the "things" you have to do and focus on new ideas and ways to solve problems.

As an entrepreneur, you should truly be doing work you love. Otherwise why would you be running your own business? However, there might be aspects of running a business you don't love. Write down all of the things that bring you anxiety on Sunday. If marketing is one of them, we might be able to be a part of your long-term solution.

At Storywork, we partner with the best experts in marketing to give you a full-service marketing solution. Contact us today to learn more about our unique model.


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