5 Gifts that Help Activate Your Sense of Purpose.

Guest Blogger Aaron Marshall shares:

Do you ever catch yourself wondering about your purpose? I sure used to. You might be selling insurance, fixing A/C units, managing H.R. benefits, etc. Your particular job actually isn’t that important in this case.

I believe that in order to fully appreciate working in your career field of choice, you need to operate in the way you were designed.

Over the years, I’ve noticed 5 distinct ways in which I think we are all designed to operate. I also believe our level of satisfaction and sense of purpose (real purpose, not just making money) are closely tied to how often we get to “operate” by our design. I believe you have been designed with one of these gifts and you are amazing at it.

1. The Ignitor – You are excellent at seeing opportunities and defining a vision for the

future. You see potential in others and you can inspire them to join you on your

missions. Putting together a team in order to tackle a problem gets you excited about

the day. Details get in the way and are best solved as they arise rather than spending

too much time on them up front. You can start 6 things simultaneously and keep a pulse

on all of them without getting bogged down in the details of management. You want to

build teams and empower others to lead them using the foundation you’ve laid.

2. The Warrior – You cannot stand by while people are misled or misrepresented. You

stand for justice and you feel an urge to ensure that no one is taken advantage of on

your watch. You won’t allow an organization to make a decision without examining the

second and third order effects. You speak your mind and that’s not always popular but

you’re the person everyone wants in their court. You genuinely do not want things to go

wrong and you will stand up for the “right thing” sometimes at your own expense.

3. The Storyteller – You are able to get other people excited about what you are excited

about. You see people where they are and you have an uncanny ability to recognize

when your words can help someone along their journey. You have a message to

communicate. However, you might never deliver your message the same way twice;

rather you instinctively know how to adapt it to fit the audience. You see the value in

the experiences of others and you add their stories to your own repertoire. You love it

when you have chemistry with others and people love having you around.

4. The Instructor – You take pleasure in seeing someone’s light bulb come on after you

explain a concept. You’re excited by the thought of a smooth operation or a finely tuned