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How to conduct a gap analysis to help you drive growth in this season.

Grab your journal and set aside 30 minutes - as you move through this practical exercise, the goal is to create clarity on what you can do right now, and gain some glimpses of the future.

Here are 3 focus areas that you can use to conduct a GAP analysis for your company.

  1. People: List out your team by name, think through core functions, think through what outcomes you’re looking for on the regular vs. what you need from them right now. How is it different and how can you communicate that? Set time aside if you haven’t already to convey what success looks like for them clearly during this particular season.

  2. Systems: Evaluate each area of the business, write it out and then write key systems and processes under it. Write out how it was and what needs to happen now in light of the current environment - what needs to be tightened or tweaked?

  3. Offerings: This is so fluid and has probably shifted so much in the last few weeks - so start with looking at what you can offer right now in this season - what pivots have you made so far? Recall them and list them out - something about writing them out gives you the chance to see how much you’ve already done, rest in that for a moment. And look at what needs to be done this week to serve people in the best way possible. How can you provide them with what they need right now? Identify your core business offerings vs. shifts you’re making right now to keep revenue coming in - and begin to consider what this might look like as things progress.


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