Is your Circle of Influence Shrinking or Sharpening?

Kim Gomez shares:

I love events - planning, gathering, connecting. That all came to a screeching halt in early March. So I started compulsively planning events in my own home with my adult family of 6.

For a minute, every dinner was an “extravaganza”, every boat ride was full of music, food and excitement and there was an inordinate amount of FaceTiming going on. What I thought was happening and what I was honestly afraid of, is that my circle of influence was shrinking! For an Enneagram 7 extrovert, that’s alarming in every way.

On top of that, as an Entrepreneur in the Non-Profit Arena, all of our outreach facilities were shut down; strip clubs closed, no visitors at the juvenile detention centers and jails, limited Church gatherings, and no large events permitted. This lack of ministry opportunity was highly concerning because there is increased need amongst the increased silence. Every business and non-profit has had to be creative to adapt to these current conditions. Thankfully, even though our ministry is not allowed to enter the detention facility, we have been approved to drop off items for the incarcerated young women in West Palm Beach. The Epic Beauty team weekly brings a bag full of Pink Bibles, I Am A Masterpiece Curriculum, snacks, puzzles, journals and notes of encouragement - a creative way to support the people we serve.

As the lockdown (stay-at-home-order) dragged on, the idea around “circle of influence” was on my mind…. I sat with it daily and looked at it from different perspectives. The entire planet feels crazy and most everyone has A LOT to say about it and it’s really easy to feel isolated and ineffective right now. Pretty sure I’m not alone as businesses, students, local leaders and individuals all have struggled with staying healthy and being ready for the next thing, whatever that is.

So professionally and personally I’ve taken a step back and looked closely at my circle of influence. I’ve fine tuned it and it’s come into focus. It’s not as broad as it was and not as extensive as it’s going to be again, but for right now, I am fully focused on the areas that I do have influence. It begins with myself. I have influence on my own thoughts and actions, my family, my friends, and my ministry.

As Entrepreneurs, now more than ever, we have a leader’s opportunity to hone our skills by leaning in to those areas where we have an impact. It’s really easy right now to feel INEFFECTIVE. But don’t! You’re not alone, the entire world is feeling this shift.

You are not ineffective.