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It's Never the Right Time

Guest Blogger Alex Judd shares:

What would it look like to take one minuscule, tiny, almost unnoticeable action towards the future you feel most called to?

What would it look like to do that today?

What would it look like to do it now?

Waiting for the “right time” is often code for “I’m afraid it won’t work.”

Let me help you out... it probably won’t work.

That’s ok.

Instead of waiting, speculating, and wishing... you are acting.

As you act, you learn.

As you learn, you grow.

As you grow, you change.

And I’m always going to put my money on the person who is committed to a lifestyle of acting, learning, growing and changing.

It may not be today, but that person will eventually hit a grand slam.

Ready. Go.

About the Author:

Alex Judd is the CEO + Founder of Path for Growth, which exists to help leaders, teams, and individuals define vision, take action, and get results.


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