The Marketing Engine Workshop:
Get a Marketing Plan that Works.

Do you feel like you’re wandering from here to there - unsure of the right channels, campaigns, ad formats, or SEO to invest in that will actually convert leads to clients? 


Digital marketing can be overwhelming - so many different tools, platforms, types of content, hashtags, and strategies. 


This workshop is designed to help you make sense of it all for your business. Get the clarity you need during this workshop and walk away with a marketing plan that is focused on genuinely communicating with your target audiences, with the goal of converting leads. 

Join us for a 60 minute working session as we guide you through the process of analyzing your digital marketing strategy. Get the foundation or make the tweaks you need to effectively drive traffic and get conversions.


Bring your journal, planner, and whiteboard and get ready to do this extremely important focus work. You'll walk away with your priorities defined, and renewed clarity on how you want to move forward with your marketing plan.

Jean Roberts
Jenna Ahern
Lauren Shippy
Founder, StoryWork