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The gift of asking why.

Make space for…asking WHY.⠀ Why do we charge that price? ⠀ Why do we advertise that way? ⠀ Why do we use the systems and platforms that we use? ⠀ Why do we pursue those channels? ⠀ Making space to ask WHY leads to evaluation and realization. ⠀ When we ask WHY on the things that we’re taking for granted, we open up space to consider new ways. ⠀ New and different ways from the industry “standard”, and this makes space for Blue Ocean Strategy….the opportunity to create a business model that is unique, nothing like the competitors in the market. ⠀ So make space to ask why today….write a list of things that you might consider “standards” and ask why - there might be a different way, a better way that can create more revenue, cut expenses, or increase efficiency. ⠀ Your business is like a rubik's cube, as an entrepreneur when we iterate and shift those tiles around, we discover the convergence of factors that becomes our “secret sauce”.

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