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The Weeds in the Way

Pulling the proverbial weeds in our lives is a refining, healing, and freeing process.

Refinement is like peeling an apple, sometimes the skin just doesn’t want to budge. We resist hard. We fight tooth and nail not to have something happen, or not to have something be the way it is, or not to slow down and hear. When it ultimately comes, we realize that surrender was the key all along.

So what do we need to clear out of the way to see, know, and hear others more? The weeds in the way. We’ll always be a work in progress, but this is where it gets good. We’re going to go places that may be difficult initially but ultimately can give us newfound freedom, connectedness, and wholeness. That’s our goal. To get to this place, we’ve got to clear out the weeds in the way.

What has infiltrated your heart that’s causing anguish, anxiety, bitterness, grief, sorrow, distress, depression, sadness, anger, or hopelessness? Is it parked there and how long has it camped out there? What are the impacts of holding it on your health (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual)? Has holding these emotions benefitted you in any way?

It may be time to pull those weeds from your life.

Hand pulling weeds


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