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What to do when you hit max capacity.

Capacity…the maximum amount that something can contain.⠀ Have you reached your capacity as an entrepreneur? Do you feel like there's only so much of you, and so much more to be done?⠀ We’ll all hit new “max capacity” levels in our businesses if we’re slowly and steadily growing. With solid strategy and consistency, your business becomes an engine that’s working continuously. But you’re human, there’s only so much of you. ⠀ New heights require constant iteration. Looking at all of the “pieces” that make up your business and asking “how can I do this differently?” is key.⠀ When we consistently make space for this - we make space for scaling our business.⠀ As with any good growth “engine”, there are a few things that prove helpful when managing capacity:⠀

  1. Scheduling regular times of auditing all systems and processes in your business to streamline inefficiencies⠀

  2. Continuously defining roles and practicing delegation as you reach levels of growth in the business⠀

  3. Considering new avenues for scaling: through partnership, digital courses, hiring, etc.⠀⠀

Take 5, remove all of those distractions, and ask yourself how can I do things differently today?

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