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Why you Need the Enneagram

If you're familiar with the enneagram (personality assessment), I'm a 1. For those of you that don't know it - #1 is a perfectionist. I was the girl who would get new shoes, and try not to get creases in them....seriously. ⠀ Perfectionism can lead to really really excellent work, but it can also stifle growth, as you become stuck in the details that sometimes don't matter. It can prevent you from shipping your work, because you feel it's not ready yet (and it may never be if you're a perfectionist!). ⠀ I could have remained in that place, but over a series of events, tools and people around me, I'm not stuck at all. And while I'm still a perfectionist, I now know that I can't sacrifice sharing an important, bigger message for details that don't matter enough to stay on the side lines. ⠀ So today we're talking about PART II of The Strategy Masterclass - FINDING CLARITY.⠀ When you're solid - your business or non-profit or movement or family becomes solid too.⠀ Part II is all about continuing to lay the foundation through: ⠀ 1. Identifying all holdbacks that stand in the way of growth⠀ 2. Understanding where you come from and what has made you "you" and how that translates into how you operate⠀ This part of the course is incredibly powerful if you feel stuck at any point, in any phase. ⠀ We can't wait to share it with you‼️

For more on the Enneagram, check out The Enneagram Institute.

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