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Cultivating Resilience.

In times of volatility, fear and uncertainty arise. What we’re experiencing can feel scary, unsettling, and uprooting on many levels. We’re out of our normal routines, our work situations are probably changing, and protecting our safety is taking priority.

I began to think about what we might learn right now. When we encounter things that “uproot” us, the benefit is the wake up call or the reset that comes with this.

The reset times can encourage us to ask questions, may cause some necessary endings, and the end to some things that may allow for the birth or rebirth of new things.

As I was thinking about where we are right now, resilience came to mind. How can we remain resilient in a period of uncertainty? There are so many things that are not within our control right now.

How do we move forward? Here are some tangible steps that we can take together, repeatedly. It’s centered around taking our thoughts captive, bringing the subconscious to the conscious, and allowing for adaptability in mindset.

1. Identify the fear. What is the worse case scenario for you right now? Walk yourself through that process, what could happen if - follow the rabbit trail to the end. Where would you be at the end?

2. Once you get “there”, to the end of the rabbit trail of the worst case scenario, look around, and feel what it might feel like to be there. Journal through this or talk through this with your trusted people. Once you are able to begin to process what this might look like, it’s not imaginary anymore or esoteric, and it allows the situation to become real - for you to gain your footing on what this might look like. Bringing the subconscious to the conscious brings freedom.

3. Lay out all of the scenarios or options in the situation. What do you still have? What are the options for adaptability in your business - what do you have that people need or are going to need during these times? Is there a way to adapt what you offer or shift what you offer in this season?

4. Talk through it with your trusted people. Verbalizing what you’ve identified will help you process it and allow people to brainstorm with you.

Stay in it together, continue to iterate, and work through the emotions that come along with the volatility in order to maintain adaptability that will protect you and your team.


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