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How Writing a Book is Like Running a Business

I recently completed writing the draft of my first book, and was struck by how similar writing a book felt to running my own business. Although the two may seem different, both endeavors require planning, strategy, and focusing on long-term goals.

Start with an Idea

It all starts with an idea. Just like a business owner who creates a product or service to solve a problem, an author has a story or message they want to share with their readers. Understanding the target audience and providing something valuable is key for both.

Create a Plan

Once the idea exists, planning is essential. Business owners and authors set goals, create roadmaps, and determine the steps to success. A business owner makes a detailed plan with strategies, finances, and marketing approaches, while a writer might create an outline, character profiles, or a narrative structure to guide their writing.

Activate your Roadmap

Good management is key for both writing a book and running a business. Discipline, organization, and time management are crucial for making progress and being productive. (Need help with this? Download our free guide.) Just like a business owner handles employees and operations, an author manages their own time, energy, and creative flow.

Market Your Offering

Marketing is also important, whether it's creating awareness for a product/service or promoting a book to attract readers. This means getting active on social media, advertising, doing some PR, and collaborating with other writers and strategists to reach the right audience.

Adapt When Needed

Adaptation and resilience are crucial in both writing a book and running a business. Business owners often face changes in market trends or competition and need to adjust their strategies. Writers might encounter challenges in the writing process, face rejection from publishers, or deal with shifts in literary trends. Flexibility, determination, and learning from failures are important for overcoming obstacles and achieving goals.

Provide Value to Your Audience

Ultimately, both writing a book and running a business involve creating something meaningful and leaving a lasting impact. Business owners aim to provide value, solve problems, and make a difference in their industries. Similarly, authors want to entertain, inspire, or educate readers, leaving their mark through their words and stories.

While writing a book and running a business may have their unique aspects, they actually share a lot of similarities. From the initial idea to planning, marketing, finances, and adaptation, both require similar skills and a focus to experience long-term success. By recognizing these similarities, authors can approach their writing with an entrepreneurial mindset, increasing their chances of creating a book that resonates with readers and stands out from the crowd.


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