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What kind of people will we be when we emerge from this?

As we think about what the future will look like and what products or services will become valuable, observing what we’re currently going through and how we’ll feel as we emerge from this becomes very valuable as a part of our future strategic planning.

3 dynamics have come to mind as I reflect on what is happening in my own journey in this season:

  1. Necessity Over Luxury. We’re not needing as much as we thought we did, we’re realizing the extras that we did have before weren’t completely necessary and wondering if we’ll go back to some of the “extras” after this. Everything we purchase and spend time doing is being filtered right now, and there’s a high chance that things will be eliminated or replaced. We might use more caution, think more before making purchases, and reuse more. It feels good to enjoy our spaces, enjoy what we currently have and use the materials that we have in stock.

  2. Intentional Connection. We’re having to get extremely intentional right now with how we communicate and connect virtually and in our homes. We’ve had time at home to slow down and in that slower pace, we probably have noticed needs and wants that can be more clearly communicated. We may also notice that it’s taken more of an effort to stay connected with those outside of our homes. We’re having to over communicate with our teams right now in order to get things done virtually, and maintain morale. This level of intentional connection is forming new patterns for us that are healthy, and hopefully will continue as we enter into a “new normal”.

  3. Aligned with Priorities. We are in a season of remembering what’s important to us, and re-thinking any “gray areas” in terms of priorities. We are in the process of becoming re-rooted as we re-evaluate just about every area of our lives. As we emerge from this, there will be a clarity around a sense of alignment with priorities. We’ll be decisive, know how we want to spend our energy, and pull the trigger on those priorities. We’ll have had time to decide what really matters to us and make space for those things. r

So how does this translate to the marketplace?

  1. If you’re offering a luxury rather than a necessity, how can your marketing speak to why it should be a priority?

  2. How does your product or service offering fuel intentional connection among families, friends or teams?

  3. As people “re-root”, who are the people that will consider you in alignment with their top priorities and why? How can you reach them?

We’re in a fluid environment right now, and as everything begins to settle again, it will settle differently. As we anticipate how we’ll settle, our next best strategy will become clear.


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