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The Importance of Saying Thank You

Guest Blogger Jean Boen shares:

Over the past few months, I’ve been talking with my clients about gratitude. It’s a topic that seems to come up naturally in the midst of the pandemic. During a time when so many businesses have struggled, each display of support was greatly valued. However, I’ve noticed that we don’t always share our gratitude with others.

Stewardship is a topic that comes up with many of my non-profit clients in the form of thanking donors and volunteers. In the for-profit world, stewardship leads to retention and word of mouth advertising, which can lead to increased revenue.

Research shows that those who feel appreciated and valued, take more ownership of their work and produce better results. Customers who feel appreciated and valued are more likely to increase their business with you and champion your brand.

When is the last time you focused on saying thank you? What would happen if you took one day this month to focus on writing a plan to show your gratitude for the rest of year?

Here’s a simple outline to help you get started:

  • May – send a special note to any new customers. It can be simple, but I promise you a personalized outreach is an unexpected moment that will create delight. Who are your longest standing customers/clients? Find out if you don’t already know and reach out to them to say thank you.

  • June – focus on your team. Find a way to send a personal note (email or handwritten) of gratitude to those you work with.

  • July – in the spirit of celebrating, share your American dream. Tell the story of your company and how it came to be. Thank all of your customers/clients for supporting your business.

  • August – thank your Board of Directors or Leadership Team. Don’t forget about those who lead alongside you. Sharing with them your gratitude for the impact they are making will go a long way.

  • September – find someone who went above and beyond on your team recently and take an opportunity to reach out to them personally to explain how their dedication made an impact on the company.

  • October – is there a partner that you work with often? Maybe another company that is always referring people your way? Make a plan to thank them.

  • November – this month is all about gratitude. Send all of your customers/clients a note (email or in the mail if the budget allows) that shares a photo of a team member or two from your company, thanking your clients for supporting your business. When people see those who work behind the scenes, they feel connected to their success as well.

  • December – at this time of year, people are thinking of wrapping up a calendar year and setting new goals. What tip or trick can you share with them that connects back to your business? Reaching out to share expertise and thank them for their support over the year is a great way to start a conversation.

By writing a plan, and scheduling time each month to execute your plan, you’ll be well on your way to increased retention.

If you need ideas specific to your industry, or ways to track the success of your outreach, don’t hesitate to contact me. I would welcome a conversation to brainstorm how this project could work for you.

Cheers to adding unexpected moments of delight and showing gratitude!

Jean Roberts leads J. Roberts Consulting, LLC where her team partners with StoryWork and Guardian Owl Digital Boutique for The Marketing Engine. Together, we help companies build their marketing strategy, target the right audience with an effective message, and drive revenue.


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